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Tourist service center at the scenic spot
Catering service
Passages and elevators for the disabled
  Tourist service center at the scenic spot

The service staff abides by the concepts of giving top priority to the reputation of the motherland, the capital and the scenic spot, putting the interests of tourists first, serving tourists whole-heartedly, and promoting the spirits and cultures of the Great Wall.

Located 200 meters to the north of the Pass, the center has an information desk that supplies panoramic guide maps, tourism route maps and electronic tour guide service in the scenic spot. It also supplies electrically powered wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, baby strollers and walking sticks. The staff workers will provide real and accurate information and warm services to tourists on the scenic spot, such as which parts are most pleasant to visit, which parts are most spectacular, and which parts are fit for a rest

Hotline service: (010)69121383

Service telephone

Tourism consultation: (010)69122222

Tourism complaints: (010)69121235

Medical service: (010)69121209

Broadcasting service: (010)69121617

Police service: (010)69121477