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You will have a brand-new experience to conveniently enjoy delicious Chinese food, western cuisines and Chinese local snacks in complete tranquility and leisure, without frightful hurry and noises of modern urban areas.

Badaling Hotel

Located 200 meters to the south of the pass, Badaling Hotel is the largest international hotel in the scenic spot, boasting best facilities. In early autumn of 1965, late Premier Zhou Enlai accompanied Mohammad Ayub Khan£¬president of Pakistan£¬ to have lunch at Badaling when touring the Great Wall. Seeing the poor reception conditions in the place, Premier Zhou instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that ¡°Badaling Great Wall must make a unified planning to meet present needs and future development.¡± For this purpose, he ordered the Beijing Municipal Government to build the Badaling International Dining-room at Badaling Great Wall. Since it was put into operation in May 1986, Badaling Hotel has received more than 100 foreign heads of states, including the U.S. presidents and the Queen of the United Kingdom, and nearly two million Chinese and foreign tourists.

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