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Having toured the Badaling Great Wall for the breath-taking views, tourists may find out craftworks of unique national characteristics and other tour souvenirs at souvenir shops and boutiques. In this way, they will experience the joys of consumption in a different place and bring back something to commemorate the unforgettable trip to the Great Wall.

Beijing Gifts • Badaling outlets

The shops, located in the pass and to the southwest of the pass, are franchised outlets of Beijing Gifts in the scenic spots. With an aim to better promote the Great Wall culture and enrich Great Wall-themed tour souvenirs, the Badaling shops mainly sell all sorts of Great Wall-patterned T-shirts, Great Wall modeled furnishing articles, Great Wall commemorative medals, calligraphies and paintings of celebrities, color-glazed terra-cottas, and root carving handicrafts. Boasting unified Logos and unique styles of the scenic spot, these tour souvenirs are prize-winning works of the Beijing Tourist Commodity Design Competitions in recent years.

Hotline service: (010)6912

Badaling Hotel • Tourism Handicraft Shop

Located at the east side of the Badaling Hotel, the shop integrates centuries-old history and cultural traditions of Beijing, and works of skilled craftsmen from across the country. It furnishes abundant tourism souvenirs, particularly all kinds of Great Wall tourist souvenirs, celebrity calligraphies and paintings, the ¡°scholar¡¯s four jewels¡± (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper), picture postcards, painted fans, seals, inkpads, pearls, jades, diamonds, gold and silver ornaments, ivory and jade sculptures, and embroideries.

service hotline: (010)69121085

Great Wall Shopping Center

Located 2.5 kilometers from the Badaling Great Wall, the shopping center is a four-storey comprehensive business that gives priority to selling works of folk cultural art, such as ambers, color-glazed terra-cotta, potteries, pearls, shells, crystals, print plates, smoking sets, toys, rainwear, picture frames, and seals. It also serves Chinese and western styled snacks and other foods. The parking lot could accommodate 2,500 vehicles.