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Introduction to China Great Wall Museum

China Great Wall Museum was located in the Badaling Great Wall scenic spot. It sits next to the Great Wall Circle Cinema. It is a themed museum focusing on the Great Wall of China to present an all-round look at the history, military, architecture, economy, culture, art and present situations of Great Wall.

The museum was opened up in September 1994. Chinese President Jiang Zemin inscribed the name. The museum was about 4,000 square meters in floor space, with 3,200 square meters actually applied. It was reformed in 2007 to follow the theme of World Miracle • Historical Monuments. The exhibition is composed of the four major parts of กฐ2,000 years • Continuous Construction, Spectacular Work • Lasting 10,000 li, Both Sides of the Great Wall • One Family, and Immortal Noble Spirits • Further Development.

The museum exhibits cultural relics and samples unearthed in the country along the Great Wall. They are supported with tables, charts, photos, and humanistic landscape models. The museum also furnishes modern multimedia measures including touch screens and projection instrument to comprehensively present Great Wall, the symbol of the Chinese nation.

The museum is built in a unique way, looking like joined beacon fire towers. The internal exhibitions are arranged rising and falling like the Great Wall. The place is permeated with the extensive and deep cultural tastes of Great Wall. It is a patriotic education base for young people to learn about and understand Great Wall. It is also an attractive place for people to tour and entertain themselves.

The museum also presents interim exhibition halls for shows and academic seminars.

The Great Wall is a miracle of the world and a treasure of China. We should know Great Wall and love Great Wall. Welcome to China Great Wall Museum.

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