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Badaling Residual Great Wall Natural Scenic Area

In the 17th year of Emperor Congzhen of Ming Dynasty (1664), Li Zicheng, the Dashing King, set up the Dashun regime in Xi¡¯an. Since then, he personally led tens of thousands of soldiers to fight with Ming troops. His army made a clean sweep of all enemies wherever it went. They conquered Ningwu and Datong and marched straight into Xuanfu. They went southward from Yanqing and planned to occupy Juyong Pass through Badaling to arrive at downtown Beijing.

When the Dashing King army arrived at the foot of Badaling, Tang Tong, the commanding officer of Ming troops stationed in Juyong Pass, the eunuch Du Zhizhi, provincial procurator He Qian, and commanding officer Ma Dai had deployed mass troops along Badaling. The Dashing King rode to the Pass, seeing the mountain range was lined with soldiers of shining weapons and wavering war flags. It was really an impregnable pass of a thousand ages.

The Pass, pressed from opposing steep mountains, proved strategically located and difficult of access. The Dashing King contemplated for a long time, without any good plan to overcome the Pass. While the Dashing King was hesitating, a junior officer came to report that local residents, seeing the rebel army obstructed in the place, would offer advices to help them go through the Pass. The Dashing King was glad to hear of it and listened attentively. The local residents said thus and thus, and facilitated the Dashing King to change the world. As it was revealed, there was a Stone Gorge Pass nearly Badaling. If the rebel troops could make a breakthrough there, they might bypass Badaling to directly attack Juyong Pass and, returning in triumph, make converging attack on Badaling. Hearing the news, the Dashing King had a small portion left for feint attack of Badaling. He led elite troops to go back attacking the Stone Gorge Pass. The Pass had few soldiers who instantly retreated to the Great Wall. They tried hard to defend the Pass and sent messages to Badaling troops for help¡­.

It seemed God¡¯s will that the Stone Gorge Pass, a small pass under Badaling, was destined to witness the rise and fall of a dynasty.