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  Circle Cinema

Badaling Great Wall Circle Cinema is the largest 360-degree circle cinema in the country. It is the only cinema integrating circular screens and dome, adopting the latest technologies, and projecting the movie Great Wall on 60-meter-long seamless screen and dome simultaneously with 10 projectors.

Stepping into the circular showroom, the 360-degree seamless screen and gigantic dome make up an integral picture creating strong visual impacts and artistic effects. In spring days, bright mountain flowers blossom out in full bloom, and grasses sprout out of the earth. In summer, winding mountains are covered with green trees. In the late autumn, trees all around turn golden to cover mountains with red leaves. In chilly winter, the Great Wall looks like dancing silver snake among snowing mountains. We are actually presented with fancy pictures, from the gorgeous Shanhai Pass neighboring eastern Bohai Sea, to Jiayu Pass stretching across 1,000-li Gobi deserts in the west. The Great Wall, with all its forts and towers, traverses vast prairies and curving Yellow River. It witnessed camels traveling through deserts, beacons fired on mountain tops, and Emperor Qinshihuang decreed orders¡­. The magnificent pictures, along with high-fidelity stereo acoustic effects, make us feel as if we have stepped into a wide space integrating history and reality and pleasantly enjoy the scenes and legends of Great Wall.

Welcome to Beijing Badaling Great Wall Circle Cinema!

Service time: 17 minutes (all year round)

Address: Beijing Badaling Great Wall Scenic Spot

Tel: 010-69121306