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Badaling Great Wall is known as a charming secluded quiet place, without the noises and pollution of downtown areas. Tourists may enjoy themselves the comforts of country scenes at the Great Wall at tranquil nights. Come here. LetĄ¯s keep away from city noises and meet at Badaling Great Wall, which is permeated with antique folk customs, luxurious and elegant European styled villas, and private architectures of artistic tastesĄ­. Staying at Badaling Great Wall, you will have unprecedented experiences of diversified charms comprising red roofs, white walls, nearby rivers, faraway mountains, small bridges and green meadows. You will suddenly see the light and begin to feel relieved under such a friendly environment.

Rose Valley Days Hotel

Situated 4 kilometers away from Badaling Great Wall, Rose Valley Days Hotel is a luxury hotel for travelers managed by Days Inn (China) from the United States. Depending on the beautiful sceneries of Badaling Great Wall, the hotel is an ideal place to enjoy the natural landscape and humanistic legacies. It furnishes all sorts of outdoor sports activities and high-grade sports facilities to meet entertainment requirements of tourists, such as indoor tennis, hilly golf, fruit picking, and walking tours to Wild Great Wall sections.

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Commune by the Great Wall

Located at the Beauty Valley at the foot of the Badaling Great Wall with convenient traffic conditions, Commune by the Great Wall is a private collection of contemporary architecture designed by 12 prominent Asian architects. It was the first of its kind exhibited at the 2002 la Biennale di Venezia and bestowed a special prize.

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